Best Abstract Rewards
The XIV. Turkish German Gynecology Congress which will be held between May 28th - Jun 1th 2022 will reward the best 3 abstracts. The abstracts will be evaluated by the scientific committee. The purpose of this reward is to show our colleagues our appreciation for their productivity and also motivate our young colleagues.

Best Abstract 5.000 TL
2nd Best Abstract 3.000 TL
3rd Best Abstract 2.000 TL

Dr. Aysun - Cihat Ünlü Special Reward
In the scope of XIV. Turkish German Gynecology Congress, the best video presentation which will be elected by the Scientific Committee will receive a 5.000 TL reward.


E-Poster abstracts accepted at the congress will be prepared as e-poster via the notification system. Your poster will be displayed on the computers or screens that will be active in the congress center during the congress. The conditions for preparing an e-poster will be communicated to the participant in acceptance letters. If you have any questions or technical support during your submission, please contact "LookUs Bilişim A.Ş." via e-mail [email protected] or phone call to +90 216 372 66 44

E-Poster Preparation Rules
Once you have been notified in writing that your papers are accepted as e-posters, please follow these points in order to prepare e-poster papers in electronic form.

  • Have all the documents to be included in your posters (Word, PowerPoint format only text, pictures, tables, figures, etc.) ready on your computer.
  • Login to the system with your AbstractAgent ™ account that you used when you submit your presentation.
  • Click on the "My Notifications" button in the left column. Here you will have access to all your documents.
  • Click the "Full Text / Upload Poster" button at the bottom of the abstracts accepted as poster.
  • In the screen that opens, click on the relevant sections of your poster to "copy-paste" the poster sections; if any, add and save your figures and tables. (E-poster design is optional.)
  • Check your poster with the "Preview" button.
  • Press the "Confirm" key when you are sure that there are no missing - wrong.
  • Your poster will be displayed alternately on the computers and digital screens that will be active in the congress center during the congress.

When preparing your slide, please ensure that;

  1. Your slide contain no more than 7 lines,
  2. Each line contains no more than 6 words,
  3. Slides are oriented horizontally,
  4. Slides do not contain overly detailed visuals,
  5. All information on slides must be in English.
You may download the slide theme which has been approved by the Regulatory Board from

Video Presentations

  1. All video presentations must be edited and narrated.
  2. Productions must not be longer than 8 minutes.
  3. Narration must be in English.
  4. Video size should not exceed 30MB. The preferred formats are compressed video formats such as WMV and MPEG.
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